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What to do after B.Tech? This is the toughest and most obvious question that comes to the mind of engineering students. B.Tech students in the final year or just after pass out always searches for the best career options that can be perfect for them. They take the help of the internet and search what are some of the possible options they have after completing B.Tech. I will help you out in your search. Here you will find all the career options that you have after B.tech so that you can decide what to do after B.Tech.

Most of the B.Tech students decide what to do after B.Tech before joining engineering. But if you are one of them who did not decide what after B.Tech or the career options that you decide before don't attract you anymore then you have to choose one career option after B.Tech complete. You have to set your goal and work according to that.

There are multiple career options you have after your B.Tech completion. It is obvious that a student is going to be confused to take the right decision on what to choose. Students need career guidance after B.Tech and we do the same. We explain all the options that you have if you are searching for what to do after B.tech and elaborate on all these options so that it will be easy for you to choose the right one.

What to do After B.Tech

The list of career options has that a B.Tech pass out student may consider are given below. Choose perfect career options according to your interest if you confused about what to do after B.Tech.

  • Higher Studies
  • Internships
  • Jobs
  • Prepare for competitive exams
  • Peruse short term courses
  • Make startup
  • Follow your passion

Higher Studies after B.Tech

Many students are willing to do higher studies after B.Tech. If you are one of them who is searching for possible higher studies after B.Tech then your searches end here. I will tell you what to do after B.Tech if you want to do a higher study.

M.tech after B.Tech

M.tech is quite a popular and well-known degree course for engineering students who want higher study after B.Tech. It is a master degree course you can do after you complete your B.Tech course. This can be a good option for you if you are interested in higher study and searching for what to do after B.tech.

If you want to get into M.Tech after B.Tech then you have to apply to the different universities in India. If you want to do M.Tech in a reputed university like IIT's, NIT's then you have to appear in the GATE exam. These universities consider the GATE mark for admission. Even some private colleges also consider gate score for admission. But, if don't have a good GATE score then doesn't worry. There are also some colleges that don't need the GATE score for admission. You can directly apply and appear in the entrance exam of that college and take admission in that college for M.Tech.

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Go Abroad for Higher study after B.Tech

If you are looking to do higher studies in abroad then it also can be possible. Some countries also take the GATE score for consideration during admission. There you can apply for the MS course.

You have to clear an exam called GRE(Graduate Record Examination) to apply to the top universities around the world. As we know your English should be fluent if you wish to go abroad and for this, a separate test is conducted before going to any country. Many countries not allowing when your English test score is low. If you are one of them whose English is average then Germany can be the ultimate solution for you.

But be sure that it costs a lot of money if you choose to study abroad. But there is some scholarship offered to the scholar students by different countries to promote student exchange program. If you can get the scholarship then it will coasts you a very little amount of money. But if you can afford to study in abroad then it is the ultimate answer to your question "What to do after B.tech"

Internships after B.Tech

Internships can be also a good option for you if you confuse about what to do after engineering. You can apply for internships in the companies to experience a real-time work environment.

Some big companies release the notification for the internships program. There are limited seats available for the interns. You can directly apply for the internship program as per the company requirements. Internships are a short time period where the company will train you on how to work.

This will help you a lot in your future. They will also pay you some amount of money during the internship program. There is a chance company will hire you as a full-time employee if they love your work. Even companies like Google, Microsoft, Amazon offers internships program for the students every year. Try to get into their Internship program.

Jobs after B.Tech


Getting a job is the ultimate need for everyone. But some students search for Jobs just after passing out the B.Tech and some others do higher study and then search for a job. But Jobs are the reason for studying these career-oriented degree courses. It is also a good option for the students who confused about what to do after B.tech.

There are multiple options you have if you want a job after B.Tech. The possible job options for you are given below.

  • Campus Placement
  • Government Jobs
  • Private Sector Jobs

Campus Placement after B.Tech

This is a good choice for you if you want to do Jobs after B.Tech. All most all colleges offer campus placement for their students in their college. Multiple companies come to the colleges and select some of the students according to their requirements. You can also attend the campus drive and try to get a job. It is an easy process to get a job just after B.tech completion.

You can focus on some particular core company and crack their interview to get selected. The companies also offer some decent amount of salary even you are the fresher.

If you are not interested in your college campus drive then you can also try out the off-campus drive. The off-campus drive is a process where the company allows the different college students to apply for the interview which is conducted in one college. So can be a good option for you if you searching for what to do after B.tech and also interested in jobs.

Government Jobs after B.Tech

Everyone needs a government job as it is a stable job as compared to the private sector job. It has many facilities which attract most of the people. As all the students want to do the govt. job so it is quite difficult to get these jobs. 

There are also some government jobs that you can apply for after your B.Tech. But these Govt. jobs are highly competitive due to the large no of students apply for it. If you are confident about your knowledge and skills then you can go for it.

If you wish to do government jobs after B.Tech then you have to spend time on the preparation. The list of government jobs that you may consider after B.Tech is given below.

  • Civil services
  • IES officer
  • PSU's Jobs
  • Defense Jobs
  • Railway Jobs

Civil Services after B.Tech

This is the most trending and high demanding job in India. If you have a dream to become an IAS, IFS, etc. officer and serve your nation then you have to come to this line. To do this kind of job you have to clear the UPSC exam. The UPSC exam is considered the toughest entrance exams in the country.

You need to be fully prepared for the entrance exams before you apply for it. Engineering students have a slight edge compared to the normal students as the engineering course is also very tough. You can easily crack it if you well prepared. 

But before you start you have to gather information about the civil services or UPSC examination which will help you in your preparation. On this site, we have all the information about the UPSC exams you can definitely check it.

IES Officer After B.Tech

If you want to go specific then there is an option for you and that is IES. IES stands for Indian Engineering Service. It is conducted by the UPSC. If you want to become an IES officer then you have to clear the IES exams. There are only four branches in these exams which you have to choose from. These four branches are Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Civil Engineering and, Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering. If you are from some other branch you have to choose one from these branches and prepare according to the syllabus of the branch.  

PSU Jobs after B.Tech

It is a highly demanding job among the B.Tech pass out students. The PSU companies are the companies where the government has the stakes. PSU companies are the government undertaking companies so a lot of students are attracted to this job. As it is a government undertaking job so it is very trustable and these companies offer a lot of facilities other than the high amount of salary.

To get a job in these PSU companies you have to secure a good rank in GATE. GATE score plays a major role in getting a job in PSU company. So you have to appear for the GATE exam first and then if you secure good marks in GATE you can apply to these companies. Some of the PSU companies are BHEL, SAIL, IOCL, ONGC, NTPC, CIL, GAIL, etc.

Defense Jobs

If you have the interest to serve your nation as a national hero by joining the defense line then it is also possible for you after B.Tech. You can join any defense jobs that are Army, Navy, or Air Force according to your interest.

If you searching for what to do after B.Tech then it could be the best option for you. It has not only a high paying salary but also you have the chance to serve your country that is a proud moment for anyone.

If you choose to join the Indian Army that is deployed on the ground you can join through TGC ( Technical Graduate Course) and SSC tech entry schemes. The different jobs that are allotted for the engineering students are the Corps of Engineers, Corps of Electronics and Mechanical Engineers, and Corps of Signals.

If you want to join the Indian Air Force(IAF) you can join the technical squad and ground squad after B.Tech. If you wish to join the Indian Navy that protects our country in the water area you can join it by SNAES(Special Naval Architects Entry Scheme) Scheme.

Railway Jobs after B.Tech

If you looking for what to do after B.Tech and have a wish to do a government job then railway jobs can be a good option for you. It is a central government job and it has a craze among the youths of India to join it as it provides exciting salary as well a lot of other facilities.

If you are a B.Tech pass out students and want to join Railway then there are a few exams that you can appear. These exams are given below, you have to qualify in any one exams to get a Railway job after B.Tech.

  • RRC Group D exams
  • SSC
  • IES
Some of the Railway jobs you can get if you qualify in these above exams after B.Tech are given below.

  • Indian Railways Electrical Engineer
  • Indian Railways Store Service
  • Indian Railways Traffic Service
  • Indian Railways Personnel Service
  • Indian Railway Service of Engineers
  • Central Engineering Service
  • Database Administrator
  • Additional General Manager
  • Assistant Executive
  • Telecommunication Engineer
  • Station Controller
  • Executive Engineers
  • Assistant Executive Engineers
  • Superintendent Mechanical Engineers

Competitive exams after B.Tech

If you want to be settled after B.Tech then the only option for you to get a government job. To get a government job these days is not easy at all. Lakhs of students try to get government jobs so this field becomes very competitive. The only way to get a good job by performing well in various government competitive exams.

The Competitive exams are the window for Government jobs. If you are searching for what to do after B.Tech then you can consider these competitive exams for you. There are a number of government jobs that are available for B.Tech students to apply for. 

The following are some of the competitive exams that you may consider.

  • GATE
  • IES
  • Civil Services Examination(UPSC)
  • CDSE
  • CEED
  • NIFT
  • XAT
  • Indian Statistical Service Examination
  • NDA
These are some of the best competitive exams that you may consider for getting a job. As the name shows it is very competitive in nature. You have to prepare before you appear in these exams. You can take coaching and must spend some quality time on preparation for these exams.

From above all the above competitive exams, GATE is the most helpful exam for engineering students.

GATE exams after B.Tech

GATE stands for Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering. It is only exams for engineering students that can help you in many ways.

Want higher study after B.Tech then no problem GATE Score will help you
Want to join a PSU company after B.Tech then no problem GATE Score will help you.
Even Want a good private job then don't worry GATE score will also help you in that.

If you are confused about what to do after B.Tech then you can definitely consider GATE exams. If you once score a good mark in GATE then it will help you in many ways. You can join a GATE coaching institute or prepare yourself. GATE exams are conducted every year. You can apply for it and appear in the exams.

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Short Term Courses after B.Tech

It can be the best option for you if you confused about what to do after B.Tech. These courses help the student to master in some particular field in less amount of time. 

These short-term courses focus on some particular subjects and it takes around 3 to 6 months to master it. There are a number of short term courses available for engineering students offered by many private institutes in the different cities of the country. If you want to do short term courses after B.Tech and confused about where to do, then Hyderabad and Banglore are can be the best option for you. Even now you can do these short-term courses Online also. 

Some of the most popular short term courses are Python, Python's framework, Web development courses, Core and advance java, Frameworks of java, UI design, Autocad, DBA-MySQL, Javascript, Framework of javascript, Android development, IOT, VLSI design, Embedded System, automobile mechanics, etc. These courses are career-oriented courses, you can easily get a job after completing these courses. The fee of these courses costs around 6-20 thousand varying from institute to institute.

Here you will find all the trending short term courses for the different branches.

Make Start Up after B.Tech

Startup in India is booming now in India. The government of India provides a lot of facilities to the startup company. So startup companies are growing day by day in India. A startup is nothing but a business idea. If you have an innovative idea and you are confident about it then don't search for what to do after B.tech, just go for it.

If you have some idea about some business and have a strong belief in your idea then must start your startup business. But be sure that without proper knowledge and roadmap don't start a business. You have to first analyze your business idea, then study the demand for your product in the market, study the market. If all these things go in your fever then you definitely going to succeed in your startup.

The main struggle for an Indian startup company is to raise funds. Arranging funds can be a headache for you if you want to do a startup in India. If you have a sufficient amount of money that is required for your startup then there is no problem. But if you have a startup idea but don't have money then you have to find an investor for your startup. It is not an easy task to find an investor in India. To find an investor you have to contact many businessmen and it is not sure they will fund you.

If your startup idea is great and investors see profit in it then they will invest surely. Now, many foreign companies showing interest to fund the Indian startup. The only thing you need to have a better plan for your startup. There are many startup companies in Indian that generate a huge amount of revenue now. Some of the famous startup companies in India are given below.

  • Ola
  • Zomato
  • Paytm
  • Cure.fit
  • DocTalk
  • Vedantu
  • 1mg
  • Cars24
  • Dailyhunt
  • Meesho
  • Milkbascet
  • PharmEasy
  • Nykaa
  • Revv
The list is endless. But these are some of the most successful start-ups in India. So if you have any kind of idea about some business you can definitely work on that if you don't know what to do after engineering.

Follow Your Passion

Interest in the work that you are doing matters a lot for quality outcomes. The work you don't like but for some reason, you are doing that is not going to satisfy you. Your passion is needed in your work.

In India, most of the parents don't listen to their children's dreams and force them to join some respectful career options like engineering, doctors, etc. Only their parents shake, the children join the desired field of their parents.

I guess you all must see the movie, 3 idiots. In that movie, this thing presented beautifully that everyone should go to the field in which they have a passion like Farhan who join Photography career after completing engineering.

If you are a B.Tech pass out student and confuse about what to do after B.Tech and you have a strong passion in any field then you must take your career in our passion. Your passion may be in Football, Cricket, Dancing, Singing, or anything you must try out that in your career. It will give you great satisfaction when you work that you love to do. So never do anything that you don't love to do like 10 to 4 jobs. Instead of that you follow your passion and work according to that.


These are some of the career option a engineering pass out students have if he confused about what to do after B.tech. You can choose among these options according to your interest. There are a huge no of B.tech passout students searchng for what to do after engineering. But due to lack of career guidance they choose the wrong career for them as a result they faces a lot of problems in their career. I hope you can decide what to do after B.tech after reading this post.

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