80 + GK Questions for Class 7 | GK for Class 7 (Download PDF)

 GK is an important aspect for any student. It may or may not be asked in your examination but every student should learn the GK to improve their knowledge. Here the GK questions for Class 7 are given along with the answer. 

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Are you a Class 7 Student then Test your knowledge by answering the following GK for Class 7.

GK Questions for Class 7

These GK questions include 80 questions of the following types.

  • Basic GK Questions for Class 7
  • History GK Questions for Class 7
  • Geography GK Questions for Class 7
  • Science and Technology GK for Class 7
  • Computer GK for Class 7
  • Sports GK Questions for Class 7
  • Mathematics GK for Class

 Basic GK Questions for class 7

Q1. Who wrote the national anthem of India?

Ans - Rabindranath Tagore

Q2. What is the minimum distance of clear vision?

Ans - 25 c.m

Q3. Which is called the sister planet of the Earth?

Ans - Venus

Q4. Who was called the nightingale of India?

Ans -  Sarojini Naidu

Q5. Gir National Park is famous for What?

Ans - Lion

Q6. How many Maharatna Companies are there in India?

Ans - 10 Maharatna

Q7. Which is the biggest bank in India?

Ans - State of India(SBI)

Q8. Kabul is the capital of which country?

Ans - Afghanistan

Q9. What is the Capital of the USA?

Ans - Washington D.C

Q10. Which is the largest democratic country in the World?

Ans - India

Q11. What is the longest tree in the World?

Ans - Sequia sempervirens

Q12. Which is the biggest temple in India?

Ans - Srirangam Temple

Q13. Which is called the garden city of India?

Ans - Bengaluru

Q14. Where is the World Health Organization(WHO) headquarters situated?

Ans - Geneva, Switzerland

Q15. The headquarters of the UN is situated in which place?

Ans - New York 

Q16. Who was the first IPS officer in India?

Ans - Kiran Bedi

Q17. What is India's highest Civilian Award?

Ans - Bharat Ratna

Q18. How many Vedas are there?

Ans - 4

Q19. Who designed the National flag of India?

Ans - Pingali Venkayya

History GK Questions for Class 7

Q1. Who was the first Prime minister of India?

Ans - Jawaharlal Nehuru

Q2. When did India become nuclear power country?

Ans - 13 May 1998

Q3. When the non-cooperation movement started in India?

Ans - On 4 September 1920

Q4. When was demonetization declared in India?

Ans - On 8 November 2016

Q5. When India fought the first war against Pakistan?

Ans - October 1947

Q6. On which date International Labour Day is celebrated around the World?

Ans - 1 May

Q7. National Youth Day is celebrated on which date every year?

Ans - 12 January

Q8. National Girl Child Day is celebrated on which date every year?

Ans - 24 January

Q9. On which year the 2nd World War started?

Ans - 1939

Q10. The Indian constitution recognizes how many languages in India?

Ans - 22

Q11. Who built Red Fort in Delhi?

Ans - Shah Jahan

Q12. Who won the first Bharat Ratna Award in India?

Ans - Chandrasekhar Venkata Raman

Q13. Who discovered Atom Bomb?

Ans - Robert Oppenheimer

Geography GK Questions for Class 7 with Answer

Q1. Which country is the biggest country according to landmass?

Ans - Russia

Q2. Which is the Tallest Mountain in the World?

Ans - Mount Everest

Q3. The name of the biggest lake in the World?

Ans - Caspian Sea

Q4. What is the longest highway in India?

Ans - NH 44

Q.5 - What is the biggest National park in India?

Ans - Hemis Nationa Park

Q6. Which is the largest landlocked country in the world?

Ans - Kazakhstan

Q7. What is the longest dam in the World?

Ans - Hirakud Dam

Q8. Which is the most populated state of India?

Ans - Uttar Pradesh

Q9. Which country has the largest coastline?

Ans - Canada

Q10. Name the largest Island in the world?

Ans - Greenland

Q11. Which is the biggest ocean in the World?

Ans - Pacific Ocean

Q12. Which is the largest river in the World?

Ans - Nile

Q13. Which country has the largest Natural Oil reserve?

Ans - Venezuela

Q14. Which country is the largest Natural Gas producer?

Ans - USA

Q15. Which is the smallest country in the World?

Ans - Vatican City

Q16. Which is the largest desert in Asia?

Ans - Gobi Desert

Q17. Which is the largest delta in the world?

Ans - Ganges Delta(Sundarban Delta)

Science and Technology GK Questions for Class 7 with Answer

Q1. What is the first satellite name that was launched by India?

Ans - Aryabhata

Q2. Which Organ purifies the blood in the human body?

Ans - Kidney

Q3 - Horsepower is the unit of what?

Ans - Power

Q4. What is the name of the process that Plants are using to create Oxygen?

Ans - Photosynthesis

Q5. Insulin is a what?

Ans - Protin

Q6. Which acid is found in Milk?

Ans - Lactic Acid

Q7. What types of lenses are used in Vehicles?

Ans - Convex lens

Q8. What is Newton's third law?

Ans - For Every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction

Q9. How much % of Oxygen is present in our atmosphere?

Ans - 21%

Q10. Which is the smallest Plant in the World?

Ans - Watermeal

Q11. Sunlight contains how many colors?

Ans - 7 Colours

Q12. What is RGB stands for?

Ans - Red Green Blue

Q13. Which mineral is essential for teeth and bones?

Ans - Calcium

Q14. Which blood group is known as Universal Blood Donor?

Ans - O

Q15 - Beriberi is caused by which vitamin deficiency?

Ans - Vitamin B-1

Computer GK for Class 7

Q1. What is the name of the First Supercomputer in the World?

Ans - CDC 6600

Q2. When the first Supercomputer was made in India?

Ans - 1991

Q3. Who is known as the father of Artificial Intelligence?

Ans - John McCarthy

Q4. What is the Full Form of 'LAN'?

Ans - Local Area Network

Q5. 1 GB = _____ MB

Ans - 1000 MB

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Sports GK for Class 7

Q1 - What is the national sports of Spain?

Ans - Bull Fighting

Q2. Which country won the first Cricket World Cup?

Ans - West Indies

Q3. In which year India won its first World Cup?

Ans - 1983

Q4. Who won the first individual Olympic medal for India?

Ans -  Khashaba Dadasaheb Jadhav

Q5. Who is the first cricketer of India who scores 300 runs in Test Cricket?

Ans - Virendra Sehwag

Q6. Grand Slam is associated with which sports?

Ans - Lawn Tennis

Mathematics GK for Class 7

Q1. The decagon has how many sides?

Ans - 10 sides

Q2. Who is called the father of Trigonometry?

Ans - Hipparchus

Q3. 1 Meter is _______c.m?

Ans - 100 c.m

Q4. What is the name of the longest side of a right-angle triangle?

Ans - Hypotenuse

Q5. In which number system, there is no symbol of Zero?

Ans - Roman numeral System

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