CBSE LKG Syllabus for All Subjects [2022-23]

 Are you searching for the CBSE LKG Syllabus? Don't worry. Here I provide the detailed CBSE LKG Syllabus for all subjects. This LKG Syllabus for CBSE is given as per the latest syllabus released by CBSE for the educational year 2022-23.

LKG stands for Lower kindergarten and it is otherwise known as KG1. LKG is the 1st class of pre-school. Before LKG students were in the Nursery. After Nursery children can join LKG for further education.

👉 CBSE UKG Syllabus

👉 Nursery Class Syllabus

The initial 3 to 6 years of age of children is one of the major periods. At this age, they are curious to learn new things and remember all things which attract them. So at this age parents sends their children to preschool for mental growth. LKG plays a major role in this pre-school education. The LKG syllabus in CBSE is specially designed to teach students in a fun way.

LKG Syllabus in CBSE is helpful for the overall growth of children. If you are looking for the CBSE LKG Syllabus then this article is helpful for you. Here LKG class CBSE syllabus is given for all subjects.

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CBSE LKG Syllabus 2022-23

CBSE LKG Syllabus

The LKG syllabus is given here as per the latest Syllabus for LKG released by CBSE for the educational year 2022-23. If any changes are made by the CBSE then with immediate effect I will change that here.

Subjects of CBSE LKG Syllabus

There are mainly 4 subjects in LKG Syllabus along with one language. All the subjects of LKG are given below.

Sl.No LKG Subjects
1 English
2 Mathematics
3 Environmental Science
4 General Awareness
5 Language(Hindi, Odia, Bengali, etc)

Let's know the detailed CBSE LKG Syllabus subject-wise.

#1. CBSE LKG English Syllabus

The full English LKG Syllabus for CBSE is given below.

LKG English Syllabus Subject-wise Topics
(1) Pre-Writing Strokes
  1. Standing Line
  2. Sleeping Line
  3. Left Slanting Line
  4. Right Slanting Line
  5. Left Curve
  6. Right Curve
  7. Up Curve
  8. Down Curve
(2) Capital Letter (A-Z)
  1. Identification
  2. Writing
  3. Objects related to each letter
(3) Small Letter (a-z)
  1. Identification
  2. Writing
  3. Object related to each letter
  4. Matching capital and small
  5. Vowels and Consonants
  6. Phonic Drill
  7. Vowel words
  8. Rhyming Words to improve listening skills
(4) Phonetics
  1. Sound of letters
  2. Object related to letters
  3. Vowels and Consonants
  4. Vowel Words
  5. Article A/An
  6. One-Many
  7. This-That and These-Those
  8. Rhyming Words
  9. Positions
  10. Use of Genie Board, Flashcards, Oral Interaction, Written Work, Worksheets, Storytelling, and Enactment

#2. Mathematics LKG Syllabus for CBSE

The complete syllabus of mathematics for the LKG class is given below.

LKG Mathematics Syllabus Subject-wise Topics
(1) Shapes
  • Identify Circle, Squares, and Triangles
  • Identify Squares and Rectangles
(2) Count to 3
  • Learn to count up to 3
  • Count Dots up to 3
  • Count Shapes up to 3
  • Count Objects up to 3
  • Count on Ten Frames up to 3
  • Show numbers on Ten Frames up to 3
  • Represent Numbers up to 3
(3) Count to 5
  • Learn to count up to 5
  • Count Dots up to 5
  • Count Shapes up to 5
  • Count Objects up to 5
  • Count on Ten Frames up to 5
  • Show numbers on Ten Frames up to 5
  • Represent Numbers up to 5
(4) Count to 10
  • Learn to count up to 10
  • Count Dots up to 10
  • Count Shapes up to 10
  • Count Objects up to 10
  • Count on Ten Frames up to 10
  • Show numbers on Ten Frames up to 10
  • Represent Numbers up to 10
(5) Comparing
  • Are there enough?
  • Compare Groups (fewer or more)
  • Fewer and More - Compare by Counting
  • Compare in a Mixed Group
(6) Positions
  • Above and Below
  • Inside and Outside
  • Left and Right
  • Left, Middle, and Right
  • Beside and Next to
  • Top and Bottom
  • Top, Middle, and Bottom
(7) Classify
  • Same
  • Different
  • Same and Different
  • Classify Shapes by Colour
  • Classify and Sort Shapes by Colour
  • Classify and Sort by Shapes
(8) Size
  • Tall and Short
  • Long and Short
  • Light and Heavy
  • Wide and Narrow
(9) Money
  • Coin Values
  • Count 1-rupee Coins

#3. LKG Syllabus for Environmental Science

Below are given the detailed Environmental Science(ES) Syllabus of the LKG Class.
  • Good Habits and Manners
  • Project on Collecting a few Living and Non-Living things
  • Introduction to Traffic Rules and Safety
  • Parts of the Body

#4. CBSE LKG Syllabus for General Awareness

The complete Syllabus of General Awareness of the LKG class of CBSE is given below.

LKG General Awareness Syllabus Subject-wise Topics
(1) About Myself
  • Myself
  • My Body Parts
  • My Birthday
  • My Family
  • My Home
  • My School
(2) Safety
  • At Home
  • On the Road
  • At the Playground
(3) People Who Help Us
  • Teacher
  • Doctor
  • Farmer
  • Policeman
  • Postman
  • Carpenter
(4) Transport
  • Road
  • Rail
  • Air
(5) Seasons
  • Summer
  • Rainy
  • Winter
(6) Animal

#5. LKG Hindi Syllabus for CBSE

LKG Hindi Syllabus for CBSE is given below.

Sl.No LKG Hindi Syllabus Topics
1 अ से अः तक
2 क से ज्ञ तक
3 जोडे मिलाओ
4 चित्र पहचानो
5 खाली स्थान भरो
6 2 अक्षरो के शब्द, 3 अक्षरो के शब्द
7 सुलेख
8 गिनती (1 से 10 तक)
9 कवितां​ए
10 कहानिंया
11 फल, सब्जि, फ़्रुट, रंग, पशु, वाहन के नाम


This is the complete CBSE LKG Syllabus for the children. If you are searching for the complete LKG Syllabus for CBSE for all subjects then this article is for you. If you have any queries regarding this then feel free to ask us in the comments.


Q1. Next class after LKG?

Ans - The next class after LKG is UKG. After finishing the LKG, children go to the UKG class.

Q2. How many subjects are there in LKG and what are they?

Ans - There are mainly 4 subjects in LKG along with a language. All the subjects of LKG Class are given below.
  1. English
  2. Mathematics
  3. General Awareness
  4. Environmental Science
  5. Language(Hindi, Odia, Bengali, etc.)

Q3. At which age children can join the LKG class?

Ans - At the age of 5 to 6 children can join LKG.
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