Diary Entry Format - Diary Writing Topics, Questions, Examples, Samples [2022]

 Dairy Entry Format: Do you want dairy writing and searching for the dairy entry format. If you are one of those who are searching for the diary entry format and not founding any satisfactory answer over the internet. This article will definitely help you. Here not only the diary writing format is given but also diary entry topics, questions, examples, and samples are given.

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Writing a diary on a daily basis is a good habit and many people suggest it to do. As this is a personal thing so the language and tone are according to the writer of the diary. But there is a certain format of a diary entry and you must that format while diary writing. In order to make you aware of the diary entry format, this article is prepared. This diary entry format is helpful for all the students who are searching diary entry format for Class 6, Class 7, Class 8, Class 9, and Class10.

Table of Content

Diary Writing Format, Topics, Questions, Examples, and Samples

Diary Entry Format

Let's discuss all about the diary writing format, topics, questions, and examples.

#1. What is Dairy Writing?

Dairy writing is a good habit in which a person records everything that is happening in his/her life which affects them whether positively or negatively. It may be any incidents, conversations, dreams, feelings, reactions, success, failure, etc. As it is a personal diary writing so people can write it in their native language. Dairy writing allows people to express their feelings in written format.

If you are a student then you must adopt a diary entry and should try to write everything that is happening in your life. This dairy writing habit will secretly enhance your writing skills and presentation skills which will help you in many ways in the future. 

#2. Diary Entry Format

There are no strict formats or rules in a diary entry as it is your personal diary and you are writing in this diary for yourself. But there are certain things you must include in your diary writing and that are date, place in the top right corner or in the center. The followings are the pictorial representation of the diary entry format.

Dairy Writing Format Steps

  • Starting: At the start of your diary writing you must write the place, date, and time.
  • Place, Date, Time Placement: Generally people place Date, Place, and Time in the upper right corner but you can place it in the upper left corner or at the center. But the preferable position is upper right corner.
  • Dairy Name: You should name your diary and call it by its name. In this way, you can interact with your diary like other friends.
  • Language: You can write it in your native language or any language that you like.
  • Content: Content may be of any type for example - incidents, conversations, dreams, feelings, reactions, success, failure, etc.
  • Tone: Your tone should be normal as you interact with your friends.

This diary entry format is helpful for Class 6 to Class 10. So if you are searching for a diary entry format for Class 6, 7, 8, 9, and 10 then you should consider this.

#3. Diary Entry Topics

Sl. No Diary Entry Topics
1 First day in the new school.
2 Getting a pet for the first time.
3 Hurt yourself during playing.
4 Examination Exprience.
5 Getting scolded for the low mark.
6 Win a cricket match in school.
7 Getting rewarded in Annual Function.
8 Celebrating Ganesh Puja.
9 Durga Puja Festival Celebration.
10 Experience of School Picnic.
11 Met with Old friends.
12 Making new friends.
13 Summer Vacation trip with family.
14 Fear of Covid.
15 Fight with a friend.
16 Your Dream/Goal.

These are some of the topics on which you can start diary writing but keep this in mind these are just some of the examples of diary writing topics. The things that are happening or happened in your life should be your diary entry topics.

#4. Diary Entry Examples

Below are given some daily diary writing examples from which you can take inspiration and can write your own diary.

#5. Diary Entry Format For Class 9

Diary Entry on Meeting Old Friends

Q - Recently you met one of your old friends in the park after 4 years. Write a diary entry expressing your feelings in about 120 words about the meeting. (Example 1)

Date - _ _/_ _ /_ _ _ _ 
Place - _____

Dear Diary, 

I am very happy today. Today I met one old friend in the shopping mall who is very close to my heart. I can't explain my feeling when I saw him for the first time after 4 years. She changed a lot and looks more pretty now. At first, I couldn't recognize her properly but when I heard her voice then I easily recognized her. 

She is Harshita, one of my oldest and close friends. We are in the same school till class 5. But when we move to the new school to continue our studies, we were separated. We spent a lot of quality time together in school. She always sat beside me when we were in school.

When we see each other at the shopping mall, we hugged each other and remembered some of our old memories. We exchange our phone numbers and promised to meet once a month. We eat ice cream together and after that, she went home with his brother. 

That's all for now.


#6. Diary Entry Format For Class 10

Diary Entry on Summer Vacation

Q. Write a diary entry on how you spent your summer vacation? (Example 2)

Date - _____
Place - _______

Dear Diary,

This summer vacation was very special to me. Because I and my family went together to our village home where my grandparents are leaving. We spend 8 days there and this is the best summer vacation I have ever spend.

Our village is situated on a hilltop in the Malkanagiri district of Odisha. Our village name is Akharpali and the population is just 430. This village is filled with natural beauty which I often see in my town. I used to wake up early morning and go to our rooftop to feel the fresh air. The whole atmosphere of the village was filled with the sound of birds. Every evening my grandmother told me the story of my father when he was young.

The whole Malkangiri district is a great tourist destination and attracts people who love nature. I along with my family also visited some of the popular tourist places which are Chitrakonda Eco Park, Ammakunda, Manyamkonda, and Sitaguda Dam. I was amazed by seeing these beautiful places. 

Finally, my vacation come to an end and I thanked my father for bringing me to this beautiful place. He also committed me that he will bring me to spend the next vacation in my home village. Now I am missing these vibes of my village. Anyway next year I am going again there.

That's All for Today.


Diary Entry Samples

Let's see some Diary Entry samples that you can expect in your examination.

#7. Diary Entry Format for Class 6

Diary Entry on Family Trip

Q. Recently you and your family went on a family trip. Write a diary entry about the family trip explaining the experience.

Date - _____
Place - _______

Dear Diary,

I had not visited any places since last year with my family. But Last Sunday I had a great family trip to the Puri which is the land of Lord Jagannath. All five members of my family visited Puri and we went in our car.

We visited Jagannath Temple which is among the 4 Dham in Hindu beliefs. It was a great place to be in. Although it was 3rd time for me in puri, it feels always new in puri. I love the spiritual atmosphere of Puri. We reached there by 9 am and visited the temple. The temple is filled with many gods. The temple is always filled with devotees. We finally got the chance to sight lord Jagannath. After that, we spent some time in the Laxmi Temple. At about 2 pm, we entered the Annand Mandap to have Mahaprasad. 

We left the temple at about 3.30 pm and visited the puri sea beach. The beach view was superb with the setting Sun. After enjoying the view for about 1 hour we finally left for our home. We reached home at 9 pm. Really it is a great place to visit and if I will get a chance then I will visit it again.

That's for Today.


#8. Diary Entry Format for Class 7

Diary Entry on First Day of School

Q - Recently you were admitted to a new school. Write a report on the first day of school explaining your feelings.

Date - _____
Place - _______

Dear Diary,

Today I joined St. Xavier school in Delhi. It is a new school for me. The reason behind joining a new school was my father's job transferred to Delhi and my family was also shifted to Delhi.

I had mixed feelings about joining the new school. Somewhere I am excited about joining a good school but on the other hand, I also miss my friends and my teachers. At first, I was a little scared before going to the new school. But when I entered the class, everyone welcomed me with a clap after my class teacher's introduction. Then after the class started. During the launch time, Sanjaya and Abhinav who sat beside me in the class offered their tiffin and we shared tiffin with each other.

All the teachers and the school teachers are friendly. During the Sports period, I played football with my class friend. The fear that was in my mind before joining the new school disappeared now after making new friends and I am loving the atmosphere of my new school.

That's for now.


#9. Diary Entry Format for Class 8

Diary Entry on Your Birthday

Q - Write a diary entry on your birthday celebration.

Date - _____
Place - _______

Dear Diary,

Today was a very special day for me. Do you know why? Because today was my birthday. I turned 16 years old. There are so many things and celebrations arranged for me for my birthday that I am going to tell you all that because I always share everything with you.

My day starts with a big surprise from my parents. When I woke in the morning, I saw all the family members were gathered near my bed and as soon I woke up they started singing a happy birthday song with my name. It was really a nice feeling when you see all the family members together doing something special for you.

After that, I had my bath and visited the nearby Ganesh temple for worship along with my parents. At the launch, my mother served all the dishes that I love to eat including Malai Kofta. In the evening my family members arranged a party for my birthday celebration and asked me to invite all my friends. All of my friends visited my house and I cut the cake. I received a lot of gifts from my family, relatives, and my friends. Finally, everyone left for their home after having dinner in my house. 

That's for today.


#10. Diary Entry Questions

Some important diary entry questions are given below that you can expect in your examination.

  1. Yesterday while playing in school you got injured. Write a diary entry in about 120 words explaining the situation.
  2. Recently your examination finished. Write a diary entry explaining your performance and experience in the exam.
  3. Your result has been announced recently. Due to the low percentage, your father scolds you. Write a diary entry explaining feelings.
  4. You won a cricket match yesterday. Describe your feelings in a diary entry.
  5. You performed extremely well in your school sports event and got an award at your school's annual function. Describe your feelings in a diary writing.
  6. Write a diary entry on the school picnic.
  7. Write a diary entry about the goal of your life.
  8. Recently you joined a new school where you make some new friends. Write a diary entry describing your new friendship.
  9. Due to some reason you and your friend were in a fight. Write a diary entry about the fight.
  10. Recently you celebrated Durga puja. Write a diary entry describing how you have enjoyed the Durga puja.


These are the complete details about the diary entry format. If you are searching for a diary writing topic, questions, examples, or samples then you should consider this article. More than 15 diary entry topics are given here which will definitely help you. If you have any questions regarding this diary entry format you can ask us in the below comments.


Q1. How to write a diary entry?

Ans - There is no such strict format for diary writing as it is a personal thing. But if you ask me for the generalized format then I can say at the top-right side you should write the date, place, and time. After that, you should call your diary using the name (Dear Diary). After that, you can explain the situation, feeling, etc in the diary, and finally, you should end it by saying Bye along with your name or signature.

Q2. How many marks are in the diary entry question?

Ans - Generally diary entry question carries 5 marks.

Q3. In how many words you should write a diary entry?

Ans - Generally question is asked to write a diary entry in about 120 or 150 words. But in some cases, it is asked to write a diary entry in about 100 words also.

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