10 Lines About Pollution in English For Class 1 to Class 5 Students

 Hey Students, How are you doing? Hope you all are doing great in your studies. 10 Lines about pollution is the most frequently asked essay and also an important essay for the school students. As 10 lines on pollution are important so you have to prepare for this essay before your exam. These 10 lines about pollution will be helpful for every student like Class 1, Class 2, Class 3, Class 4, Class 5.

These 10 lines about pollution are given to prepare you for your next exam. If you are searching for the 10 lines about pollution or 5 lines on pollution in English for students then you are in the right spot. Here you will find simple and convenient lines on pollution.

10 Lines About Pollution in English

10 Lines About Pollution For Class 1 to Class 5 Students

Below I am giving you 20 lines about pollution in English so that it will be easy for you to pick your 10 lines on pollution that you like the most. If the question comes to write 5 lines about pollution then you also can consider this essay as it consists of 20 lines about pollution and you can write any 5 out of these.

10 Lines About Pollution for Class 1,2,3,4,5

  1. The addition of harmful substances to the environment is called pollution.
  2. The literal meaning of pollution is dirty or impurity.
  3. These days pollution has become a huge problem for us.
  4. Acid Rain and Global Warming are the two main causes due to pollution.
  5. Pollution always puts a negative impact on leaving being.
  6. Due to pollution, many diseases are spreading around the world.
  7. Nowadays pollution has become a global issue.
  8. Many countries trying to reduce the level of pollution by passing laws.
  9. Govt. of India also taking a lot of measures to reduce pollution.
  10. We must try on our end to reduce the pollution.

10 Lines Essay on Pollution For Class 1,2,3,4,5,6

No. Pollution Lines
1 Pollution is just like cancer to our environment.
2 Both Nature, as well as human activities, are equally responsible for the cause of pollution
3 There are many types of pollution affecting our environment
4 The three main types of pollution that affect our environment the most are Air Pollution, Water Pollution, and Soil Pollution
5 One of the main reasons behind climate change is pollution
6 Many innocent lives were lost every year due to disease-related pollution.
7 Carbon emission and hazardous chemicals from the factories are the two main reasons behind increasing pollution around the World
8 Frequent Natural disasters are also a serious consequence of pollution
9 We can reduce the pollution level by taking the necessary steps.
10 In the future, it is going to be a big headache for everyone if we don't take any steps to reduce it.

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5 Lines About Pollution/20 Lines on Pollution

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Short Paragraph on Pollution in English.

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These are the 10 lines about pollution in English short essays for the student. If questions are asked in your exam to write 10 sentences on pollution or 10 lines on pollution then you can write this essay. We would recommend not to copy-paste these lines on pollution rather than you can read it several times and then write it on your own. It will help to boost your writing skills. This essay is helpful for those students who are searching 10 lines about Pollution for Class 1, Class 2, Class 3, Class4, Class 5.


Q1. What are the types of pollution?

Ans - There are mainly three types of major pollution i.e Water Pollution, Air Pollution, Soil Pollution. But apart from that, there are also some other pollutions exist in our world and they are Noise Pollution, Light Pollution.

Q2. Which Pollution is the deadliest among all?

Ans - All types of pollution are harmful for all leaving beings but Air Pollution is considered the deadliest among all pollution.

Q3. How can we reduce Air Pollution?

Ans - There are some certain steps that must be followed to reduce Air Pollution. Carbon emission needs to be reduced in order to contain Air Pollution. More trees need to be planted in order to reduce Air Pollution. More above we have to try on our end to reduce the Air pollution by following these methods.

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