5 Sentence About Farmer | Community Helper Farmer Few Lines in English

 Hello Students, How your study is going on? I hope you all are doing great in your study. 5 Sentence about Farmer is the most commonly asked question in Class 1 to Class 5 examination. You have to prepare for 5 sentence about farmer essay as it is super important. Here I will provide 5 Sentences about Farmers in simple words so that it will be easy for you to remember them. This community helper farmer few lines will be helpful for the Class 1, Class 2, Class 3, Class 4, Class 5, students.

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These 5 sentences about farmers are given to make you prepare for your next exam. If you are searching for 5 Sentences about farmers or Community helper farmers few lines then this essay is for you.

5 Sentence About Farmer in English

5 Sentence About Farmer | Community Helper Farmer Few Lines in English

Below I am giving you 20 lines about Farmer so that it will be easy for you to select the best 5 lines about farmer that suits you. Even if you are searing for the 10 lines about farmer then you can consider this short essay.

5 Sentence About Farmer For Class 1,2,3,4,5

  1. A Farmer is a person who grows Agricultural Products.
  2. Farmers are very important to our country.
  3. All the Farmers are very hardworking.
  4. We can't survive without farmers in society.
  5. So we should appreciate their work. 

5 Lines on Farmers For Class 1,2,3,4,5

  1. The farmer is those people who fed the whole world.
  2. Farmer is the backbone of the country's economy like India that have Agricultural Economy.
  3. The farmer grows various types of crops in their field.
  4. Nowadays Farmar uses various types of modern tools and techniques to grow more agricultural products.
  5. Although farmer is most important to our country, they are neglected.

Community Helper Farmer Few Lines

Sl.No Farmer Lines
1 I belong to a Farmer's Family.
2 I know how tough to choose farming as a profession.
3 A farmer works hard in their field to grow their crops.
4 Sometimes all his crops are destroyed due to natural disasters.
5 Sometimes due to pest attacks in the crops and lack of availability of medicine, they face loss.
6 Farmer gets happy whenever they see their harvesting crops.
7 Generally, Farmer lives in the village.
8 These days many Farmer leaves their occupation due to loss.
9 Govt. should focus on how to increase the Farmer's earnings.
10 The Farmer in the field is as important as the Soldier on Border.

These are the few lines about the farmer. If the question is asked in your examination to write 5 sentence about farmer then you can definitely consider this.

10 Sentences About Farmer/20 Sentence About Farmer/ Short Paragraph About Farmer

This short essay on Farmer contains a total of 20 sentences. So if it is asked to write 10 sentences about Farmer or 20 sentences about farmer then it will also be effective. It also can be very helpful if the question is asked to write a short paragraph on Farmer. You simply can write all these 20 sentences in a paragraph to get your answer.

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These are the 5 sentence about farmer in English for the school students. I hope you like these sentence about farmer. We would recommend not to copy-paste these lines on pollution rather than you can read it several times and then write it on your own. It will help to boost your writing skills. This essay is helpful for the students who are searching for 5 sentence about farmer for Class 1, Class 2, Class 3, Class 4, Class 5.


Q1. Who is called a farmer?

Ans - A farmer is a person who works on the field to grow agricultural products. His financial condition depends on agriculture.

Q2. Is farming Career Good?

Ans - Nowadays due to having a loss in the farming sector many farmers leaving this occupation. But if you follow the latest technique and modern equipment then the chance of success in this field is more.

Q3. How much A farmer can earn?

Ans - Generally the income of a farmer is very less but there are also some farmers who are earning in lakhs.
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