Today GK Current Affairs on 16th September 2022

Today GK Current Affairs is a series by Earning Careers to provide all the latest current affairs which are important for various competitive exams. Today is 16th September and we bring you the Today GK Current Affairs on 16th September 2022.

Today GK Current Affairs on 16 September 2022

1. Recently which country's President's car was attacked by a bomb?

2. After now which smartphone maker planning to assemble their phones in India?

3. Recently which state beats Maharastra to become the largest manufacturing hub in the country?

4. Recently which of the folowing High Court orders Amazon to remove the listing of made-in-Pakistan Rooh Afza?

5. Recently 99 soldiers were killed in which two country's border dispute?

6. Recently S Jaishankar make his 1st official visit to which country?

7. Which country's largest coal company to set up office in India?

8. India will invite which country as a Guest Nation at the 2023 G20 Summit?

9. Which of the following Indian Armed Forces wing conducted the 'Parvat Prahar' Exercise recently?

10.  International Day of Democracy is observed on which day around the world?

Daily GK Current Affairs(16 September 2022)

GK is the most important topic in every competitive exam. Most of the students fail to qualify in the competitive exams due to a lack of marks. If you focus on GK then, you can easily secure good marks as a very good percentage of the total no of questions comes from GK. This series is very useful for UPSC and SSC aspirants.

Current affairs are also important in all the competitive exams that you are going to appear in near future. You must have knowledge about what is going on around our country and the world. 

What is Today GK Current Affairs?

I try to help you a little bit by providing daily gk current affairs in your preparation. Today GK current affairs will definitely help you to improve your Gk and current affairs knowledge. Today GK Current affairs is a series of current affairs and GK questions where I provide 10 questions on daily basis. All the questions are related to daily current affairs and GK and it is asked in the form of daily GK Current Affairs Quiz form of MCQ type.

16 September 2022, Today's GK Current Affairs

Today is 16 September 2022 and I share with you some of the Daily GK Questions and the Current affairs questions in MCQ type. You should attempt these questions and learn new things every day which is the main motto.

If you are an aspirant for any competitive examinations in India then you must be good at GK and Current Affairs. To enhance your GK knowledge you can participate in our Today GK Current Affairs Series. This is the Today GK Current Affairs on 16th September 2022. Attempt this Today GK Current Affairs on 16 September 2022 to gain GK knowledge.

If You find it useful please share it with your friends. 

Today GK Current Affairs on 16th September 2022

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